A Better Strategy For Small To Medium Businesses

Operating as an SBE/MBE certified company, we work hard at H3 to understand your complex staffing needs and work efficiently to find the perfect marriage between employer and employee. Having a total of 10 years of Staffing experience, we are blazing a trail with our unique approach to agency recruiting. At H3, our different way of thinking has set us apart from our competitors. Whether you desire Direct Hire Solutions, RPO “On -Demand” Solutions, or additional HR training and Services, our flat fee model allows for more of a strategic and cost savings approach to acquiring resources.

Our Approch

The first step in our personalized process is to gain a complete understanding of your complex staffing needs. Taking the time to get to know you and your business at the beginning saves a ton of lost time down the road by replacing trial and error with a precise formula for success. Your candidates will be niche-specific, diverse, qualified, and prepared to perform at their best for your business.

Staffing Solutions

We specialize in several different types of staffing solutions across various industries, so you can always get the best fit for every position. Our strategic approach to acquiring resources helps us create a high-quality candidate pool from which to draw Direct Hire solutions and RPO On-Demand solutions. You can also find additional HR training and services here at H3 Staffing.

Connections That Count

We’re proud of the deep working relationships we continue to cultivate. These connections include community, corporate networks, candidates, and an alliance with over 500 recruiting firms that assist us in locating the industry specialists you’re looking for.

Cost-Saving Approach

Most staffing agencies are designed for large corporations and run on a contingency model that makes it hard for smaller businesses to utilize their services. Enjoy our flat fee model that was designed to work for you.


We connect our local and national communities with a large number of career opportunities in a variety of industries. Our vast network brings the resources of hundreds of staffing agencies right to the palm of your hand. If the position you’re dreaming of is out there, we’ll find it and bring it to you.

About US

The most vital part of your business is the people who do their best every day to keep things running smoothly, deliver a product or service you can be proud of, and drive the company upward. When you’re missing links in that crucial department, your remaining staff might struggle to maintain daily function and you’re forced to settle for less than what your business is capable of.

Leverage Our Network, Experience, And Unique Approach To Find The Perfect Candidates For Your Positions