We Have What Works For You

The most vital part of your business is the people who do their best every day to keep things running smoothly, deliver a product or service you can be proud of, and drive the company upward. When you’re missing links in that crucial department, your remaining staff might struggle to maintain daily function and you’re forced to settle for less than what your business is capable of.

Direct Hire Solutions

Looking for a long-term placement or executive to become an integral part of your team? H3 Staffing guarantees successful hires with candidates who bring the value you’re looking for. We match businesses and candidates based on necessary qualifications as well as a good technical and cultural fit, so your new addition will not only be able to do the job but will also work well within your organization.

Contract Services

Get your short-term needs filled with high-quality candidates who fit in well and have the right skills for the job. Contracting allows you to take advantage of additional support or unique talents for a short period of time without making a hiring commitment.

RPO On-Demand Services

Pay by the hour to have an experienced H3 Staffing recruiter help you fill one role or an entire staff. This service is perfect for businesses who only need temporary services until they’re fully staffed or until they secure their own in-house recruiter.

HR Training And Services

We’ll train your HR department in diversity, employee engagement, and organizational engagement to better equip your in-house team to acquire and sustain a qualified staff. We’ll also assist in writing your job descriptions and posting them to our own vast network of recruiting partners.

Find Your Dream Job

Let H3 Staffing guide you in reaching your career goals sooner than later by discovering little-known opportunities throughout your industry. Whether you prefer the flexibility of contract work or the stability of full-time placement, we’ll make it easy to find the right role for you.

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